The Best Souvenirs That You Should Get from Singapore

Have you ever gone on a nice vacation in a great travel destination, and found out later on that you had no idea what special or unique souvenirs to buy that would please your family and friends? You’d think that after years of traveling, you could find other things to take home with you aside from the “I love (insert name of country here)” shirts that you buy in bulk. If you go to Singapore, you’ll find out that you won’t run out of options from the many interesting souvenirs that you can buy in this country.

singapore souvenir
Key chain souvenirs

There are two kinds of souvenirs. The first kind are the budget souvenirs, which are sold widely at most travel destinations for reasonable prices. Examples of these are key chains, t-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, and other knick knacks with the Singapore icons. The other type is made up of premium souvenirs, which can only be found in specific places in the country. These things are priced on the higher side. But whatever you choose to buy, these things are easy to carry, and you won’t have a problem getting them through customs. Continue reading “The Best Souvenirs That You Should Get from Singapore”

The Best Backpacker Hostels in Singapore

When travelling to another country, sometimes, the best way to experience everything is to forego luxury and go back to basics. Now, I’m not saying that you should go all Into The Wild (read the book, or better yet, see the movie to know how hardcore it is) here, but it’s hard to really get into the spirit of things when you’re constantly worried about the cost of things, the right clothes to pack, and where to stay.

Backpacker in Singapore

Enter backpacking. It is a form of low cost, independent local or international travel. When backpacking, you use a backpack or other luggage that can easily be carried for long distances, so if you’re the type who needs to coordinate his or her entire outfit with the right kind of shoes, this might not appeal to you very much. Backpackers make it a point to spend as little as possible, so they always take public transport, they stay a little longer in every place they visit, and they stay in inexpensive lodging such as backpacker hostels. This form of travel is generally favored by young adults because they are more adventurous, have fewer obligations and they generally have more time to travel. Continue reading “The Best Backpacker Hostels in Singapore”

The Best Places to Go to in Singapore for Shopping On a Budget

Singapore is one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia, filled with lots of shopping centers that have about every possible thing that one could ever want or need. The country has long been a chosen tourist destination for many people all over the world, not just for sight-seeing, but also for buying the latest fashion items.

shopper in singapore
Go shopping in Singapore

Although Singapore is known as a shopping paradise for the elite crowd, that doesn’t mean that the country has forgotten about its budget-conscious customers who want trendy and good quality items for a lower price. So where can people on a tight shopping budget go for a bit of retail therapy? Here are the places that you should definitely check out, the next time you go shopping in Singapore. Continue reading “The Best Places to Go to in Singapore for Shopping On a Budget”

A Guide to Partying in Singapore

A night out in luxurious Singapore can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After dark, the city transforms itself into a vibrant entertainment hub. Busy young executives shed their corporate attire to revel in the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. With the proliferation of posh night clubs, bars, and dance clubs, it’s possible to go out every week to discover the sexy, cool and wild side of this country. The eye candy, dancing, and drinking are just a few of the wonderful joys of going out and cutting loose, not to mention meeting new people from all walks of life.

Clubbing in Singapore

Indeed, clubbing has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, largely, but not exclusively, for the younger generation. Most hard-core clubbers already have a routine that they follow before going out, but if this is your first time to party in another country, or if your club-crazy friends are begging you to join them but you don’t have the slightest idea what to do, here are a few tips to consider before going out clubbing in Singapore: Continue reading “A Guide to Partying in Singapore”

Top Fun Things to Do If You’re Stuck at Changi Airport

It happens. For some reason, your flight gets delayed, and now you’ve got about an hour (or hours) to kill before you can get on that plane that will take you to your destination. Many people dread waiting at airports, and really, who can blame them? Airports can be crowded, noisy, and boring, as sometimes, there’s nothing to do but watch a TV show that nobody really likes, or have a smoke in the smoking lounge, or munch endlessly on the meager and overpriced offerings that taste like cardboard, or read a magazine or newspaper really slowly to make it last until the plane arrives…I can go on and on, as I have done my fair share of waiting in really grim airports. But that was until I discovered Changi Airport.

singapore airport
Changi Airport in Singapore

Enthusiastic travelers will often exclaim that this is the “best airport ever!” while beaming with glee. This amused me for some time, because how often does one get to say that spending time at an airport is fun? But once I heard that some of the locals of Singapore go to the airport just to hang out and have a great time, I decided to check it out for myself. After all, if Business Traveler has been giving it the Best Airport Award for 26 years in a row, there must be a reason for all the fuss. Continue reading “Top Fun Things to Do If You’re Stuck at Changi Airport”

The Reasons Why Expats Love Singapore

According to recent survey, the population of Singapore is made up of 60 percent Singaporeans and 40 percent foreigners. The country is steadily attracting tourists and investors, and a lot of them have chosen Singapore as a second, if not permanent home. What is it about the country that attracts people from all over the world, like butterflies to a field of honeysuckle?

Charming Singapore

At first glance, you’ll see all the obvious reasons: it’s very clean, crime-free, and the people are super polite. But underneath all that seemingly sterile perfectionism are more reasons to stay in Singapore. Here are all the reasons why expats love this country. Continue reading “The Reasons Why Expats Love Singapore”

The Latest Add-on Services from M1

People make the most use of their cell phones in different ways. Nowadays, it’s possible to leave home with just your phone in your pocket and no other device whatsoever to do the things that you need to do. On a very basic level, there’s using your phone as a clock, calculator, memo pad, e-book reader, and mp3 player. But if you really want to make the most out of your mobile phone’s capabilities to justify the fact that you spent almost a quarter of a month’s salary on it (or even more than that, if you have the latest ritzy phone on the market), then you’ve got to sign up for the add-ons that your mobile provider has.

M1 logo
M1 telecommunication logo

M1 one of Singapore’s leading mobile communication providers has stepped up by providing a whole range of value added services that will enhance your lifestyle. Whether it’s convenience or entertainment that you’re looking for, M1 has got you covered. Continue reading “The Latest Add-on Services from M1”

The Best Places to Visit in Singapore with Kids

Planning a vacation can be quite a challenge. There’s the matter of getting passports, booking flights, making reservations at a nice enough hotel without blowing your entire budget, and planning your itinerary. But add some kids into the mix and suddenly, you’ll find that you need the planning skills of a master strategist to make sure that everyone will be well-fed and happy.

sleeping kids
Travel to Singapore with your kids

Bringing the kids on a holiday can be fun, believe it or not. It just takes a matter of careful planning and finding out what the family friendly spots are in your destination. Singapore is an ideal place to take the whole family for a holiday, with its numerous attractions, parks, and other recreation places that will have the entire family smiling the whole time. Continue reading “The Best Places to Visit in Singapore with Kids”

All About SingTel Prepaid

Singapore Telecommunications Limited or SingTel, is Singapore’s largest telecommunication company. Its mobile subscriber list has reached almost 500 million customers in 25 countries. The company is currently the largest company by market capitalization listed on the Singapore Exchange.

singtel logo
SingTel company logo

SingTel’s prepaid mobile service has been going strong in terms of its number of subscribers. Though Singapore is home to a lot of wealthy people, a huge number opt to go for the prepaid service in order to control or manage their spending on calls or text messages. SingTel understands its customers’ concerns, and that’s why they have come up with numerous features and promos to help their customers, and at the same time, provide entertainment and convenience even if one is on a limited budget. Continue reading “All About SingTel Prepaid”

All About the Rules to Follow When You’re in Singapore

When on business or pleasure in another country, it’s always a must to be aware of the local laws and customs. It will help you to be sensitive to the people around you, and more importantly, it will help you stay out of trouble.

travel in singapore
Visit Singapore

If visiting Singapore is in your travel plans, be aware that laws there are strictly enforced. Failure to abide by some of the country’s rules could mean getting fined or being locked up in jail. Singapore’s laws may be quite harsh when compared to the laws of your country, but these laws make perfect sense to them. For instance, caning is a legally sanctioned form of punishment and is often employed for various offenses such as robbery, breaking and entering, assault, and vandalism. The country is infamous for its extreme punishments against seemingly minor infractions, like gum chewing and graffiti. Continue reading “All About the Rules to Follow When You’re in Singapore”