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Singapore Telecommunications Limited or SingTel, is Singapore’s largest telecommunication company. Its mobile subscriber list has reached almost 500 million customers in 25 countries. The company is currently the largest company by market capitalization listed on the Singapore Exchange.

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SingTel’s prepaid mobile service has been going strong in terms of its number of subscribers. Though Singapore is home to a lot of wealthy people, a huge number opt to go for the prepaid service in order to control or manage their spending on calls or text messages. SingTel understands its customers’ concerns, and that’s why they have come up with numerous features and promos to help their customers, and at the same time, provide entertainment and convenience even if one is on a limited budget.

Here are the latest features, plans and promos of SingTel prepaid.

1. Hi! SIM Cards

sim card
SingTel Hi! SIM Card

SingTel is currently offering 6 types of Hi! SIM cards to suit any budget and need. The $8 value gets $10 free load, and the load expires 90 days from the date of SIM activation. The $15 SIM card gets $18 of free load, which expires 120 days from activation, and it’s available in normal, micro or nano card. The $28 value comes with $28 free load and is only available at select locations, such as the Changi Airport. The $38 4G Hi! SIM card comes with free 1 GB local data and $38 free load. The $15 Hi! Kababayan SIM card is perfect for making calls or sending text messages to the Philippines and comes with $18 free load. Last but not the least, the premium SIM card, the $50 Hi! Singapore card comes with 5 GB local data, free IDD calls and SMS worth $25, and free local calls and SMS worth $25.

All SIM cards need to be registered, so before purchasing one you need to make sure that you have the supporting documents with you. Singaporeans and permanent residents need to bring an NRIC and a passport. National servicemen are required to show their SAF11B/ SPF11B/ SCDF11B and passport. Singapore work permit holders should bring their work permit card and passport, and for tourists, only a passport is required as identification. Keep in mind that employment pass and S-Pass Cards are not accepted for Hi! SIM card registration

2. Top-Up Cards

Top-up cards are available in six denominations, so it’s easy to work with the budget that you have. The $10 value card gets an additional $1.50 free load. The $20 value has a bonus of $3.00 load. The $50 top-up card gets a bonus of $7.00 free load.

There are other top-up cards that come with more freebies, such as the $15 Bonus $30 Hi! Top-up card. For only $15, you get $30 worth of IDD, local calls, and SMS.

The card with the best value for money is the $28 Superhot $128 Hi! Top-up card. The card costs $28, but it comes with $28 worth of IDD calls and SMS and $100 worth of local calls and SMS.

All these top-up cards are available at SingTel shops and authorized retailers. However, you can also choose to top-up online from a reputable online top-up website such as Top-up credits are priced from $6.50 to $52.00.

3. A free phone with a prepaid account? Yes, that’s possible!

All mobile network providers provide mobile phones to their subscribers if they avail of the postpaid plan. However, SingTel has gone one step further and has made it possible for prepaid subscribers to get a free phone with their plan. The Samsung E3309 bundle costs only $79. In this bundle, a customer will get a Samsung E3309 mobile phone that is equipped with a VGA camera, 80 MB internal memory, and supports mobile TV, Opera Mini, Facebook and Twitter. Subscribers to this prepaid plan will also get a choice to pick from a 3G SIM card with free $42 worth of talktime or a Hi! Top-up card that has a free talk time worth $41. So far, this is the most affordable prepaid bundle ever in Singapore, and many people have chosen to get this bundle to give as gifts to employees and helpers as a bonus.

If you’re willing to shell out more for an android phone, then the Huawei Ascend G510 bundle is for you. Worth $199, this bundle comes with a Huawei Ascend 6510 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean phone. It has a 4.5 inch screen and a 5MP camera, and 4GB internal memory. It comes with a Hi! 3G SIM card and a top-up card worth $20. For $199, that’s a great price to be able to enjoy all of SingTel’s prepaid subscriber benefits, plus, the phone is not too bad either.

The bundles are valid as long as you keep using the Hi! SIM cards in the free mobile phones, and make sure that the SIM cards are kept valid by topping up regularly.

5. Data Plans

To add a little extra to your prepaid plan, you can add some data plans so you can surf the Internet, check or post on your Facebook, or Instagram to your heart’s content.

Instagram on your phone

Facebook plans are great for those who need to check on their accounts and stay updated with the latest posts. It costs as little as $0.50 for 1 whole day of free Facebook, $3.00 for 7 days, and $6.00 for 30 days.

Opera Mini plans go for the same rates as the Facebook plans, and it’s perfect for those who need to be online to check out news or to do some Internet research. Opera Mini can be used with feature phones or smart phones, as well as iOS and Android tablets. To activate any of these plans, make sure that you have enough credits to pay for the data plan of your choice, then dial *363.

WhatsApp plans enable prepaid subscribers to enjoy worry-free usage of this popular instant messaging app, without incurring any additional data charges. Available for as little as 50 cents a day, the plan makes it more affordable than ever for prepaid mobile subscribers to stay in touch with family and friends around the world.

6. Add-ons

To make the most of your mobile phone usage, you can subscribe to any of these add-ons that will surely be good value for your money.

For unlimited incoming calls, you’ll only need to pay as low as $0.60 per day, so you and your friends and loved ones can talk endlessly throughout the day. To activate, call *1300.

Hi! Share enables you to share your talk time with another SingTel prepaid user in Singapore or to your loved ones overseas. To send talk time credits overseas, simply key in the country code and the recipient’s mobile number and send via SMS to 70202.

7. Mobile TV

mobile tv
Enjoy tv on your mobile

SingTel Hi! Prepaid card users can enjoy live TV and on-demand programs on their mobile phone devices, anytime, anywhere. To access this feature, all you need is a compatible 3G or 4G LTE coverage handset. Make sure that you have a compatible device before purchasing access to any channel.

Indeed, SingTel’s prepaid plans and features make it easy for the prepaid user to stay within a certain budget while enjoying all the perks that a SingTel subscriber can get.

Get your SingTel prepaid cards from SingTel Retail Shops and exclusive retailers. You can also get them from stores such as 7-Eleven, Cheers, Singpost, Sheng Siong Supermarket, RHB Bank Currency Exchange Counters to enjoy a quality mobile experience from Singapore’s leading mobile network.

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