The Best Places to Visit in Singapore with Kids

Planning a vacation can be quite a challenge. There’s the matter of getting passports, booking flights, making reservations at a nice enough hotel without blowing your entire budget, and planning your itinerary. But add some kids into the mix and suddenly, you’ll find that you need the planning skills of a master strategist to make sure that everyone will be well-fed and happy.

sleeping kids
Travel to Singapore with your kids

Bringing the kids on a holiday can be fun, believe it or not. It just takes a matter of careful planning and finding out what the family friendly spots are in your destination. Singapore is an ideal place to take the whole family for a holiday, with its numerous attractions, parks, and other recreation places that will have the entire family smiling the whole time.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while preparing for your Singapore vacation:

  • Passports are a must, especially if you’re going out of the country. Make sure that everyone has one. Getting a first passport can take weeks, so it’s wise to apply for one ahead of your trip.  Have a passport holder to carry all the passports and tickets, so you don’t have to dig inside your carry-on to locate loose passports.
  • Have the kids wear an item that lists your contact information in case they get lost or separated from you. Necklace or bracelet tags can be ordered prior to your flight. Make sure it has your name, contact number, and address on it.
  • Older children may be given a mobile phone they can use to contact you in case they get separated from you. Make sure that the phone is fully charged and has enough credits. If it can access the Internet that’s even better, so that if your provider does not work in your destination, your child can email you or contact you via instant messenger apps.

medicine tablets
Pack your medicine

  • Before you travel with kids, make sure your child is in good health and that you have an ample supply of any meds that he or she may need on your trip, such as asthma medication or insulin pens. Plan for unexpected illnesses such as an allergic reaction, a fever or a stomach bug by bringing along a children’s antihistamine, pain reliever, anti-diarrhea medicine, and a rehydration fluid.
  • Guard against motion sickness. It can strike anywhere, whether you’re travelling by plane, car, or by train. To keep it to a minimum, avoid letting your kids travel on an empty stomach. Light, frequent snacks should prevent nausea, and skip the acidic fruits or fruit juices before you leave the house since they can be irritating to the tummy.
  • A lightweight stroller can be useful while you’re on vacation even if you’re toddler or preschooler is used to walking. It can serve as a place for them to rest during day trips, or it can be a makeshift bed when out and about.

As for accommodation, Singapore has a lot of family-friendly hotels that will suit any budget. Whether you’re willing to shell out a little more or save the splurge for entertainment and shopping, consider the following places:

Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

Check in at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

It’s located near Orchard Road, so plan on staying here if you’ll do a lot of shopping. It has a big pool, and the overall vibe of the place makes you feel as if you were in a beach resort in the middle of the city. They have the best breakfast buffet in Singapore, and more importantly, they offer babysitting services.

YWCA Fort Canning Lodge

This is a more affordable option, but it’s definitely great value for your money. It’s located near the Singapore River, and it’s a 10-minute walk away from the Singapore Art Museum. Rooms are large enough to accommodate a family of 5. You’ll have wireless internet access, and amenities such as a swimming pool and tennis court. Babysitting services are available.

Once everyone’s settled in, get ready for some fun and great times in Singapore! There’s a wide variety of attractions offering different kinds of entertainment, from the adventurous to the educational kind, and the only hard part will be deciding where to go first. Here is a partial list of the best places to visit in Singapore with kids:

1. Sentosa

This is probably one of the best attractions in Singapore. Even getting there is an adventure—you get to hop aboard a cable car, and you’ll get a fantastic view of the city. Sentosa used to be a deserted island, but it’s now a tropical playground dedicated to the pursuit of fun. There’s a number of different attractions in the island, and you can even plan on staying in any of the family-friendly hotels there to get the most out of your visit. Visit Underwater World, Fantasy Land, or Volcano Land for starters. Don’t forget to stop by Universal Studios, it’s a must for thrill seekers and movie buffs alike.

2. Science Centre Singapore

If your kids roll their eyes at the mere mention of the word museum, then sit back and watch while they gape at amazement and shriek with delight at the Science Centre Singapore. It has 14 galleries spread over 20,000 square feet, and it’s packed with interactive exhibits that will encourage your little ones to get really hands-on with the displays, which is actually allowed.

3. Night Safari

night safari
Watch tribal dance at Night Safari

Everyone in the family will love the Night Safari. It takes visitors on a tram ride through a park containing only nocturnal animals roaming in their natural habitats. You’ll spot exotic creatures, 29% of which are endangered species.

4. Botanic Gardens

Sometimes, you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make or buy a picnic lunch and head on over to the Botanic Gardens. Bring some bread to feed the fish and have a picnic on one of the lawns. You’ll be refreshed by the lush greenery and the fragrance of the various flowering plants growing all over the gardens.

5. Snow City

Singapore can be really, really hot. If you want to take a break from the scorching heat, take your family to Snow City. Little daredevils can give snow tubing, skiing or snow boarding a go, while little kids and those who prefer not to do any of these things can explore an igloo or have a snowball fight.

6. Jurong Bird Park

bird park
See different kinds of birds at Jurong Bird Park

Enjoy a leisurely stroll inside Jurong Bird Park, which houses 400 species of birds and has one of the largest collections of birds in the world. The 20.2 hectare bird paradise has different attractions such as the Bird Discovery Center, Lory Loft Aviary, African Waterfall Aviary, and the African Wetlands, among others. Part of your ticket fee funds their avian hospital and the Breeding and Research Center to ensure the good welfare of birds around the world.

With a little careful planning and a bit of adjustment on your itinerary, everyone can have fun while on vacation in Singapore. Clean and strikingly modern, Singapore is truly a place where you and your family can have great times that you’ll be talking about for years to come. It’s a place where both adults and children can have the time of their lives, and you’ll find yourselves wanting to come back again and again to this magnificent country.

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