The Latest Add-on Services from M1

People make the most use of their cell phones in different ways. Nowadays, it’s possible to leave home with just your phone in your pocket and no other device whatsoever to do the things that you need to do. On a very basic level, there’s using your phone as a clock, calculator, memo pad, e-book reader, and mp3 player. But if you really want to make the most out of your mobile phone’s capabilities to justify the fact that you spent almost a quarter of a month’s salary on it (or even more than that, if you have the latest ritzy phone on the market), then you’ve got to sign up for the add-ons that your mobile provider has.

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M1 one of Singapore’s leading mobile communication providers has stepped up by providing a whole range of value added services that will enhance your lifestyle. Whether it’s convenience or entertainment that you’re looking for, M1 has got you covered.

Here are some of the latest add-on services from M1 that are worth checking out.

1. M1 Learning Centre

If you’re a big book nerd like me, then this is the add-on for you. This virtual bookstore brings you educational material in two content types—e-book and multimedia. One can download all sorts of e-books and multimedia learning devices for all ages. Whether you’re looking for resources for preschool or adult learning, you can find it here in this add-on. There are no novels in the Learning Centre, so if you’re thinking about downloading a sappy story about emo vampires, you won’t find that here. What it has are educational content for pre-school, primary and secondary levels based on local school syllabus, and adult learning consists of self-improvement, personal development and reference books. All you’ll need is an M1 postpaid account, an iOS5 powered tablet or mobile phone to download the e-reader app from the M1 AppShop or Google Play, then select from the available books. Though the app is free, the books are not. The e-books are priced from about $4.00 to $18.00.

2. Blackberry BIS+

Blackberry phone

Big fans of Blackberry phones will love this add-on. Subscribing to this will add 1 GB data bundle to your existing mobile plan so you can stay connected wherever you go via your favorite social apps, such as Blackberry Messenger. Monthly subscription costs $13.93 a month, and M1 is offering a discounted rate for students for only $10.70 a month.

3. Caller Number Non-Display

Do you get tired of calling certain people, only to have them hang up on you on the first ring? Or what about those folks who block you on their phones, you know, like that guy who owes you a hundred bucks? Now, there’s a way to get through to these avoiders, and you can keep your mobile number confidential by preventing its display on the phone of the party you are calling. This service can be activated on a permanent or a per call basis. If you choose to activate it on a permanent basis, your mobile number will never be displayed on all recipients’ phones. If you don’t want that kind of commitment, then opt for the per call basis and your number will not be displayed for a particular call. All you gotta do is dial #31* before dialing the number to call. Cool, right? Now you can finally call that guy and pester him to pay up. Monthly subscription is $5.35.

4. Multi-Sim

With this brilliant add-on, you can enjoy the convenience and seamless connectivity of using one mobile number on up to three devices, without going through the trouble of switching your SIM card from device to device. Imagine, you can chat on the phone while surfing on your tablet and sending an email using your Blackberry phone, all at the same time! It’s perfect for multi-taskers and people who are constantly on the go. SIM card charge is $37.45, and monthly subscription costs $10.70.

5. All You Can App by Mobiroo

If you absolutely have to get the latest apps on your phone or tablet, the All You Can App by Mobiroo gives you unlimited access and downloads to hundreds of top paid Android apps and games. There are games for all ages, educational apps for the little ones, and other apps from lots of categories. Brand new content is added daily so you’re never behind when it comes to having the hottest apps around. The app can be shared on three devices for only $5.35 a month. For a free trial, check out the M1 AppShop today.

6. Deezer Premium+

Do you love to make playlists and store them in your computer? What if you could take your playlists with you anywhere you go? The Deezer Premium+ service makes this possible. You can enjoy unlimited access to over 30 million tracks and even get the privilege to new albums before their official release. Create your playlists and download them to your mobile phone or tablet. Get this app now and avail of Deezer’s promo price of $5.99 a month. Promo ends on June 30, 2014.

7. Internet Filtering

If you’re a parent with a young kid that’s Internet savvy, then you know that his or her Internet usage should be supervised so they won’t get access to any websites that you don’t approve of. The Internet Filtering add-on protects against inappropriate content and websites for your kid’s mobile lifestyle. There are three types of Internet Filtering. First, the Mcafee Family Protection, which can block access to specific websites and prompts a username and password if someone attempts to remove the application. Then there’s the MobiFlock Parental Control, which is an all in one safety and security app for smart phones and tablets, and you can get real time alerts if your kid tries to access risky content, record your child’s phone activity and track the phone so you’ll be alerted where your child is at all times. And lastly, there’s the Blackberry Parental Controls which gives you access to restrict specific functions, features and applications and lets you decide what types of communication should be made available on your child’s Blackberry phone.

8. Channel News Asia SMS and MMS News

Now you can get the latest news articles via SMS or MMS, wherein you get to view images related to the articles. With this add-on, you can store the articles in your phone, and you’ll be receiving breaking news from all categories, whether it’s national or local news, entertainment, weather or sports news. What’s more, if you sign up before December 31, 2014, you can enjoy as much as 50% off your monthly subscription for the first three months! Now that’s a great deal. To access Asia Pacific and Singapore news, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $6.42. If you only want to be updated on Asian Entertainment news, the monthly fee is $6.42. For Asia Pacific or Sports News, the rate is $3.21 a month.

9.  M1 Prepaid Mastercard

Mastercard logo

You can use this to top-up and get 28% bonus value on your M card. This card also doubles as an EZ link card for use on the MRT, buses and selected taxis as well as for ERP and EPS deductions. This is available in two formats—the physical card, and the NFC payment services. You can also use this card to pay for purchases at stores or online shops. If you prefer to get the app than to use a physical card, you can download it from Google Play, iTunes, Blackberry World or M1AppShop.

Keep in mind that some of these add-ons are only available for postpaid mobile plans, and charges will show up on the billing statement. For prepaid mobile plans, charges will be deducted from your prepaid credits, so make sure to top up frequently to maintain access to these fabulous apps and add-ons from M1.

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