The Cheapest Breakfast Foods to Get While in Singapore

On a recent trip to Singapore, I found myself facing the dilemma that most women face when in another country: Should I go for the shoes, or should I treat myself to breakfast?

Let me explain.

It was the annual sale in Singapore, and there was no way that I was going to miss it. Friends who had gone during the previous years had raved about their finds, and their impressive hauls strengthened my resolve to try it. Let me tell you, a few hundred thousand miles couldn’t keep me away from any good sartorial finds, especially if there was a massive sale.

breakfast meal
Breakfast meal in Singapore

Armed with just carry-on luggage to make room for all the things that I’d bring back to my tiny apartment, I confidently took the plane to Singapore. One thing kept bothering me though. Friends told me that a trip to Singapore was not gonna be cheap. The Continue reading “The Cheapest Breakfast Foods to Get While in Singapore”

All About Etiquette, Manners and the Rules to Follow in Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful place to visit and is home to very warm and hospitable people. It is also a country where strict rules have been enforced to protect its citizens and to keep the city spotlessly clean. Though some foreigners might be quite intimidated by these rules, it is important to remember that these were put in place so that both visitors and Singaporeans alike will enjoy a peaceful, safe and clean environment.

beautiful singapore
Sparkling country of Singapore

Aside from the rules, it is also wise to keep in mind that the country has a unique fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay and European immigrants, and these diverse racial groups have retained their cultural and religious identity, which can cause some confusion as to how to behave and do certain things when in the presence of one or the other. For instance, a seemingly innocuous gift can mean other things to one person. So as not to cause offense and stay out of trouble, here are the things that you should remember when in Singapore: Continue reading “All About Etiquette, Manners and the Rules to Follow in Singapore”

Top Five Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget

People admire Singapore for its beauty and progressiveness. It’s a country that is diminutive in size compared to other countries—in fact, it’s only slightly more than 3.5 times the size of Washington DC, but what Singapore lacks in size, it makes up for in wealth. It’s the epitome of a cosmopolitan city, and signs of luxury and the good life can be spotted everywhere. This is a place where high-end cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris are driven on the road and not just parked on the driveway. It’s a country touted as a new Monaco, a paradise for the very wealthy few. Singapore is the world’s richest Chinese majority country, and the island has 188,000 millionaire households, which means 1 in 6 homes has a disposable wealth of $1 million.

Singapore’s Merlion Park

With all these rich folks living in the island, naturally consumer spending is encouraged and tailor-fit to draw the interest of individuals with discerning tastes. Hence, you have your restaurants backed by world famous chefs, designer branded products in abundant display in shop windows, and places of entertainment and leisure that only the truly wealthy can afford to patronize. Budget travelers and backpackers might complain that a holiday spent in Singapore will mean a month or so of eating instant ramen noodles to make up for the cost, but believe it or not, there are a lot of things that you can do here that will cost next to nothing. Yes, even in the playground of the rich and famous, it’s possible to have a fun time without draining your wallet. Continue reading “Top Five Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget”